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The Ties That Bind

I haven't commented on the last few episodes, but feel the need to do so for the finale. Alot more information was given in this one than I had remembered.

The Teaser

I choose to think that when Kirsten slinked up behind Sandy and his head snapped up, she had just grabbed his nads, and then Peter *almost* used tongue on Kelly! They always did make it believable for me.

Scene 1

Let me just state up front that I hated Ben's hair throughout most of this ep. It was styled for the wedding---so not an everyday look for Ryan.

Cal seemed downright humble in his convo with Sandy

Marissa preparing to move to 'The House on Haunted Hill'...hee! So that's where this phrase originated.

Theresa telling Ryan he's off the hook---why is he the one off the hook?

Scene 2

Marissa - 'Well at least everything can go back to normal' - I hate this repeated theme. Denial rears such an ugly head.

Seth's reason for never sailing to Tahiti: Ryan showed up. This sets up his downward spiral so nicely.

Kirsten's talk w/ Theresa alluding to the abortion - at least Josh followed through w/ this in the series finale.

Where have we seen the guy at the dock (who was helping Seth sell the Breeze) before? Or since?

Scene 3

Kandy convo - S: You know what Ryan's going through right now
K: Not as well as I know what she's going through.
I see this as the beginning of Kiki imposing her ideals of family and 'what should be' on Ryan---and totally fucking with his life. But hey---that's just me.

Ryan - 'You don't have to leave. We can figure something out together.'
T - 'Then come with me.'
I will grant beachtree her moment that this is blatant manipulation, but I see it more as T being scared and having always been in love with Ryan. I still don't think she was pregnant when she slept with him in The Goodbye Girl. YMMV

Seth being selfless for once, wanting to give $ to Ryan - 'I just don't know how else to help.' The ONLY time he's selfless here!

Marissa - 'So she's having the baby alone.' Did she inadvertently precipitate Ryan's decision here?

I love Ryan taking Cal's words about family and fatherhood to heart, which leads to 'I can't let her do this by herself....I'm leaving.' And he spoke those words so definitively.

Scene 4

The Blame-Game in the diner - 'I just don't even think Ryan would be back with Theresa if it wasn't for you and Oliver in the first place.' So who has used Ryan the most?

In the poolhouse - Ryan's whole speech about Sandy teaching him about family and Theresa's his family now; not wanting the baby to grow up as he did - Sandy's 'Just b/c you're leaving doesn't mean I'm letting you go.' Ben emoting so beautifully....*sigh* wonderful directing and acting.

The Wedding - Julie's blood-red flowers must have had meaning!

All the expressions - Ryan trying to gauge Marissa's reaction to what she's said and Kandy observing with apprehension---Ryan suddenly has ALL these people who love and need him----Seth sitting on the hill----I can truly feel his pain.

I started tearing up the second Ryan zipped that bag up. The hug...OMFG...tears falling (but, hee--the lunch bag Kelly used should have been crisply new--how many takes do you think they needed?) Seth and Ryan's goodbye - how hopeless and despondent Seth was while trying to act like he didn't care. Ben tearing up for like the 3rd time? Gah!

Kirsten with the sheets....and The Chic is sobbing. Except for the Series Finale, when Josh finally got it all right, and Marissa's death (nobody's more surprised than me) this is the only scene that reduces me instantly to tears....Every. Single. Time.

And here we are, full circle. What a wonderful season it was (mostly) I honestly don't think I will be writing any more reviews here. Without the prospect of *seeing* Ben weekly this Fall, this whole process is just too painful. I'll still read what you-all write, and comment, but rewatch S2? Nuh-uh. Well, maybe R/L poolhouse scenes with Journey blaring....
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