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Goodbye Anna :(

I enjoyed The Goodbye Girl episode.  I wish that Anna could have stayed.  She would have really added to the storylines.  

I wasn't too excited for Theresa to stay.  And I'm not sure Ryan was that excited either.  Yes, he got some action, but Theresa staying in Newport just caused too much stress in his life.  Suddenly, he went from his semi-carefree life living at the Cohens, to having to worry about his friend/love and where she was going to live and where she was going to work.  They were just too many logistics he felt he needed to work out.  I am not sure Ryan would have even gotten that stressed except for Seth and Sandy asking him a million questions linked to his one little kiss.  He needed a plan according to them.  I am glad that Theresa realized that she was creating a mess in Ryan's new life by coming to Newport.  I think it finally hit her when Eddie showed up at the Cohens.  Goodbye for a while Theresa.

It was such a sad scene between Seth and Anna at the airport.  Seth didn't know what he would do without her.  I loved the song, "If you leave" to go with Seth and Anna's goodbye.  I wish she didn't have to leave, but at least the writer gave her some good reasoning for leaving.  She was lonely in Newport as Seth once was.  Seth dreamed of leaving Newport since he was 6, but his life changed with the addition of Ryan and his long-time love Summer.  I loved when Ryan was driving Seth to the airport.  It mirrored Seth driving Summer and the rest of the gang to TJ.  Seth complained about the A.C. and Ryan driving too slow, since 80 is the new 65 and what is with the music Ryan is listening to on the radio.  Summer complained about all the same things back in TJ, the A.C. Cohen's driving, and Death Cab on the radio.  Too hilarious!

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