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Deja-vu...The SnOC - again.

Hope you don't me discussing this episode again, if that's alright ;).

The SnOC

The Ryan/Lindsey cuteness continues on, even amongst all the complications and Lindsey’s doubts even before the relationship has started. But as Ryan and Seth humorously hypothesise and calculate in both their cases - “She’s a girl” therefore – crazy. Hehe. Alex gets crazier and crazier. And I love her more and more. Her brisk, playing Seth hot and cold effect was great to see – and a little hint to less straight arcs to come with the kissage of both the beer guy and Mandy. Seth’s face was priceless! One of the things I like about these two storylines is how they reflect one another – and it’s not just in this episode. In the last one, both couples ended up switching around and in this one, both the guys get “rejected” and then the relationship is rekindled by the end of the episode. Maybe a subtle hint of the deep relationship Seth and Ryan really have? Or am I reading into it too much?

With Marissa her arcs starting to heat up – in both senses – as her Julie discovers Marissa/DJ and she kisses Jimmy, not like that wasn’t expected. I quite enjoyed the Ryan/Marissa interaction, from the penguin scene… (I don’t think I would have ever imagined relation Rarissa to a penguin) to the post SnOC scene. Even when their not romantically involved I think they have great chemistry and I love seeing their friendship, tainted with just the right amount of nostalgia as well which makes it cute and also a little awkward between them. Which I like. Already we get a little glimpse of Lindsey’s feeling of unworthy in comparison to Marissa as well – poor girl.

Zach really got a bit of an emotional beating here, :(. That’s probably the reason his moaning isn’t irritating, because he has every right to, but you’re right Zach – they will always be “one of those couples”, not like Luke and Leia however. I enjoyed the Sethummer banter (even though it mostly consisted of bitching), first they fight, next they fight, next – Seth is going Summer for advice, good to see that beyond all the warfare they still do care.

“Never underestimate a parent’s ability to mortify his child.” – Sandy Cohen you’re wicked man, :D.

And the core four venture off to the dance just like old times…but not. It’s good to see them all together as I don’t think we get a lot of that in early S2

The Caleb criminal investigation arc – now that’s a meaty piece of arc. I love how this all pans out and slowly unfolds before exploding next episode. The mystery between Renee, Caleb and this mysterious child is just great – and the cliffhanger. Oh my god. My skin shivered and my eyes widened with Sandy’s. Jeebus.
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