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those New Kids....

I’m definitely intrigued as we head into the New Kids on the Block, and it does not disappoint.  From moment one with the sputtering Toyota beater and its plethora of liberal bumper stickers to poor spilled-upon, elbowed Lindsay....

....Lindsay dryly instructing Ryan to leave the tampons for her to pick up- and him dropping them as though they were redhot then being totally unable to look her in the eye. And when she finally realizes a crowd has gathered, practically fleeing the scene, babbling.  *giggle* I was in love.  Such teenagers!  Ones I could really identify with, not just rich pod people.  What, an assertive, intelligent, attractive girl whose focus is NOT fashion and her boyfriend?  I really didn’t see her becoming an interest for Ryan with a start this rough, but it certainly seemed watching them antagonize each other was going to be a fun ride.  The dialogue was great, and Shannon and Ben made the most of it.  The more I heard about Lindsay’s ambitions and drive to succeed, the more curious I became about her backstory.


A quick note on the ‘Zach is Newport’s Prince William’ scene:  just- that rose pink sweater, the pearls, the way her hair is waved, the way she smiles- I don’t think Mischa ever looked prettier, perhaps in the entire series.


We meet Alex with her funky clothes and purple hair and tattoo, and obvious self-assured capability and intelligence.  Seth can come back tomorrow if she doesn’t fire him by the end of the night- hee!  The only thing better is her going ju-jitzu on him.


And- and!- and- Ryan basically tells Seth to get over himself!  And politely but firmly won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  *loves!*  Much as he’d LOVE to hear the whole story again, in detail.  Nicely played quiet sarcasm, Ben! 


And it’s all because he has to go, not just because he’s a science nerd now, but because, “[Lindsay’s] goin’ down.”  Talk about a guy at his limit….sounds more like he was psyching himself up for a wrestling match.  *hee* Well, ultimately he is, he just doesn’t know it yet. 


*get your mind out of the gutter, gambit, and back to the episode at hand*


Her bright-eyed, awkward, stumbling apology, his quiet insistence she actually say the words, and alternately amused and quizzical expressions as she beats around the bush before –deep breath, just say it Lindsay!- “I’m sorry” is one of the sweetest scenes I’ve ever seen.  Like most of us, I suppose, she goes up several notches on the ‘pretty’ scale when she’s not angry and bitching.  Sure, it was hard to say.  Lindsay didn’t have to be around Ryan long to realize she was waaaay wrong about God not giving with both hands in this case.  With her intelligence, she’s probably not accustomed to being wrong, but she’s got the integrity to own up to her mistakes. 


That comment about God not giving with both hands goes both ways:  doesn’t/ can’t Lindsay see her own attractiveness at all?


Hm.  Self-effacing, humble beginnings, integrity, humor:  she’s got more than a few things in common with Ryan…. “I’ll have to get a rhinoplasty but then I’ll look like the rest of the girls here….”  Another good one:  “…oh, the Canadian spelling, eh?”  How did I miss the ‘eh?’ before now?  Hysterical! 


Ryan laughing and teasing and playing, I love.  It does my heart good that somehow [through the usual muddy, incomplete plot devices], for whatever reason, the boy’s able to kick back and relax a little.  He deserves some happiness.  It’s still a teenage soap opera so I’m sure it can’t last, but they have him smiling so much I hope to be able to enjoy it awhile.


How wrong is it that I love so MUCH that Seth and Marissa are reaping what they’ve sown?  Oh, and beyond saying that the other relationships/ subplots are being handled well, IMO, I’m leaving those other relationships to those of you who care more.  This for me is where the rest became background for Ryan and Lindsay….

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