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Who says you can't go home? Episode 2, Season 2


Ah, the way they were.  

But what’s as good as ever was Seth-Ryan time in the poolhouse, complete with Ben’s wry deadpan delivery of, “Yeah, we’re not going to school.”  Those two had such a rapport and rhythm, the only hint of Ben’s comedic abilities until we hit S4 and Taylor Townsend, such fun.  But anything was fun after S3-


Ms. Fisher’s assignment and Ryan finding the natural outlet for his intelligence and his interests was precious- physics, calc, “whoa, whoa-”  “But it’s so you can be an architect, that’s what you want, isn’t it?” and the simultaneously stunned and pleased look on da kid’s face.  Loved it!


Precious, too, is Ryan’s appeal to Summer, especially his reaction to the pink room and the offer of the satin ‘pouf’ as chair.  Then Summer’s unwitting inclusion that Marissa had moved on, spurring Ryan’s unannounced visit and discovery of DJ.


I liked the juxtaposition of this and the previous year’s kick-off carnivals, especially Ryan’s and Summer’s respective firm, regretful rejections of Marissa and Seth:  ‘we were never just friends’- ‘well maybe that’s the problem’  and  ‘it’s about you, it’s always been about you, it seems like you only want me when you can’t have me’.


And Zach.  God, how cute is Zach, if somewhat over-groomed?  A NICE water polo player; go figure.  They’re doing all sorts of stuff different this season…. 



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