mel39 (mel39) wrote in ocitagain,

Ah yes, this was the SnoC.....

This was the one with Lindsay’s eleven red dots, was it not? The one with white shirt clad Ryan. The one with the hand switch of the PS2 controller to aid better kissing technique. Ah yes, I remember it well. Just three short episodes after the in utero death of his maybe baby and we have the Different Person Ryan at his peek. The Ryan who can chat and laugh at the bus stop for hours on end (ok so that was the episode before but let’s not be picky…), the Ryan who is so super confident of himself he is sure that if Lindsay gives him a chance she will like him too. Not a hint of the broodiness. Not a hint of the angst. Damn, I hated that Ryan. Except for his hot, hot kissing technique. That, thankfully, did not change.

I did like the Julie/ Jimmy scenes – “So you’re happy?” says Jimmy to Julie dreamily as she tells him Ryan and Marissa are back together…(or so she assumes)

And Marissa’s incredulous line to Ryan (about Julie) – “She said you were handsome?”

And did I already mention how much I liked that little scene at the end with book reading, black t shirted Ryan lounging on the bed, only to be interrupted by the studious Lindsay? Was that when we first spotted how Ben tugs at his sleeves? I’m too lazy to check. Then again…
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