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Okay, I'm soooo far behind.  I was trying to catch up on The Goodbye Girls by shamelessy using u.cougar's quotes as a springboard, but they only reminded me of even more.  I really liked so many moments in 'Goodbye Girls'- there are problems, yes, but  they appear to have been adquately covered in other comments, so I'm down memory lane as if it were S1 again and I wasn't approaching this with such an evaluative eye.

Cal when Sandy reports the settlement:  ‘knew I could rely on you’ ‘not if you were man of the century’


Then the ominous music begins as Jules and Jimmie snark.  I loved that Cal’s speech was heard in snatches as it probably would be if one was at such a gathering.

Eddy enters the hall and the music builds.


Nervous Teresa on her own trying to ‘spot chin implants’- *hee*  I thought her expression was perfect 'left on my own in an unfamiliar environment- and the line is too funny, like she's trying to whistle in the dark.


Cal quite obviously omitting Sandy from his wonderful family


I still didn't see Eddy as totally violent, somehow, but as a guy at the end of his rope.  The 'you're dead' seemed to me to mean, 'you're dead to me.'  Not sure why.  Maybe just because the switch TPTB were doing w/ his character made no sense so I filled in the blanks with the initial Eddy. 

What's not to like about a Ryan fistfight ending in the pool? 
Ryan does look good with a shiner.  I can hardly recall Ben looking better than in this scene- and the tender care for Teresa shines from him, face and voice and eyes.


I loved how Kirsten mothered shamed, shaky, tearful Teresa.


Stoooopid Seth asking Summer if that word in Anna’s letter is ‘love’.  Asshat.


Ryan telling Teresa 'it’s gonna be okay'- on reflection I think this is probably where I got the notion for my Sophie story that Ryan could say it’ll be okay better than almost anyone.


PERFECT choice of Jouney- intense rhythmic intro/ sense of urgency/ here we stand/worlds apart// hearts broken in two…two…two….


And classic, perfect! Ryan:  ‘Do NOT insult Journey’


I still recall how stunned I was, simply blindsided, when Teresa capitulates and tells M to take care of him- gasp!


Lovely Kandy in the bedroom ‘I’d rather send you to jail than get into bed with your father.’  And handcuffs.  Handcuffs!  I thought that dress, and hair elegantly and severely pulled back, was perfect for formal ice-queen Kirsten.  Of course it was a conscious choice on her part, wearing something funereal for her dad’s big party.


That wonderful teary faced ‘confidence, Cohen’.  Anna, we all miss you!


Ryan’s stunned face at the Mermaid as the song refrain repeats ‘if you leave’ was heartbreaking.


Pizza at the pier.  ‘We have each other’- the ironic expression on Ryan’s face was precious.


Okay, on to the LA.  IF you guys haven't already totally done it.  *smile*  *that'd be good, really, save gambit some ketchup-* 

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