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The L.A.

I really enjoyed this episode.  In so many ways, it was the OC poking fun at itself.  I totally saw Seth (Adam Brody) as Grady Bridges on the Valley.  They both improv or ad-lib many of their scenes.  They both were also dating their co-stars.  And the best was seeing Seth see himself as Grady Bridges and who would Summer rather date, the real Seth or TV Seth.  

Ryan can never have an angst free month, week, or even day without some lady drama.  It makes sense that Ryan would rather have the whole Luke-Julie affair kept under Marissa's radar.  Too bad it backfires on him, with Luke's bad timing.  So, we get to see Marissa cry again and be upset with Ryan.  Although they did have a nice scene as she helped them get back into the club.  I loved how she freaked out when he approached the bouncer and she commented on how much shorter he seems in real-life, again making fun of themselves.  

Another scene where they seemed to make fun of themselves is when Paris Hilton runs into Seth and Summer.  And Paris says Orange County and then Eww, just like Summer with Ryan during the first beach party.  "Chino...eww."

My favorite quotes did come out of this episode with Ryan being the brawn, Seth being the brains, Marissa the beauty and Summer agreeing to be the boobs, since that was a nicer alternative to the name Seth suggested.  
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