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The Goodbye Girl

First off---how obvious is it that Ryan cares deeply for and worries about Theresa? It's all in the eyes. But then, it always is with Ben.

The banter between Ryan and Sandy feels so right. (Like you were my own son) Good advice, Sandman.

Nice quibbling over Cal, Kiki.

“I’m here to be with you.”
“Are we doing this?”
“It’s not like we haven’t before.”

Yowsa! Finally - Ryan gets laid. Except….we are then in for the longest dry spell in teenage history.

*sigh* No strings. He doesn’t even say goodbye.

“Veritas in vino…you know?”
“Hardly ever.”

Despite what others may think of Theresa, at the end of this episode she has seen what Ryan has here in Newport and realizes that he is better off here and she doesn’t belong, so she regretfully bows out….for 10 minutes. Until she brings all her drama to his doorstep.

Goodbye Girls

~ Anna – until S3
~ Theresa – at least for now
~ Kaitlin – b/c this is the last we see of her until halfway through S3 (oh wait – we see her in a nice dress at the wedding in the S1 finale, don’t we?)
~ Kiki - if she goes to jail
~ Rosa – we never saw her again after the last ep

~ Seth – Oh wait…he only acts like a girl…and he leaves on a boat…and only gets as far as Portland.

I think I’m done now. Gonna go watch Junebug…..haven’t seen it in awhile. Oh yeah...and 'Cheers' to the BritFlisters on their Moot!
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